About Christine

twitter-profile-pictureHello. I am Christine Contini. In my life I have had hundreds of unique experiences, all of them surreal (including Multiple Sclerosis, heart attack, death, spirit communication, out of body travel, assisting in healing others, and reconnection to true self). There were many variables in each experience, including family and friend support and interaction, and yet through it all one thing remained as the focus of the experience-ME! My beliefs, my control, myself.

The goal of this site is to offer information that will encourage and support self healing, personal growth, and love. I hope by sharing what I have experienced I can inspire you to see more of what is possible. If you have specific questions about me with the goal to help you I am happy to be of service by sharing. Submit them through the contact me form and I will respond directly to you or include the information you need in a post  😉

Thank you for your desire to learn and heal you!
Best wishes in Light and Love,

Christine Contini

For details of my experiences check out My Stories.