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Getting Started with Self Healing

What’s the meaning of my physical symptom?
What do I do to work on me?
Isn’t it really just aging?

These questions are very common in wellness. In self-healing, the difference between a slow arduous journey or rapid change is often a tiny shift from what we don’t know to what we can know. It can be the difference between working alone or working as a group.

Every day we do many things in our lives to self heal- contemplate, visualize, look for inner strength, and communicate to find missing pieces. Together, we will take a look at what we are all already doing and see how our methods pull us to or push us away from our wellness effort. For many of us, seeing a greater return in self-healing requires only a tiny shift in our behavior and beliefs, creating a greater balance between body, mind, and spirit communication.

Our goal-to inspire our group, to help each of us see our truth and feel change in our lives so as a group we can have comfort and balance of self from a place that is unique to each of us.

We will run through the Self Healing Foundation pieces before moving to more involved detailed work with self healing.


Space to Heal

We begin our practice today by integrating focused self-healing space into daily life. We start with space before moving into theory and methods because it doesn’t matter how much or what we know if we do not have space and time in our lives to use it.

Be committed to this part of the process. If you find you cannot commit to this step it is a sign of other issues that will need to be worked through while you continue with each of the self-healing steps and methods.

Practice: take a minute three times a day to find space for self-healing. No excuses!

  • Spend each timed minute without making any noise, radio, phone, TV, talking, or thinking about what to do next
  • Set a cell phone alarm for waking, middle of our day, and before bed as a reminder to create this space
  • Remember, we are creating a new habit, be gentle while we do

Our Intention, which is the focus of our conscious thought during this space for self-healing is this thought:

I have space to heal

Stay focused on this thought during each minute. We can repeat the thought, our intention, without questioning or answering for ourselves what our healing will look like.


In the beginning for me self-healing took a lot of effort. The good news is it didn’t stay that way. Over time things got easier. Today I move smoothly through my body, mind, and spirit challenges.


Diaphragmatic Breathing

Most of our breathing is currently done in our chest activating fight or flight body systems. Upper chest breath is supposed to be used for extreme circumstances by our bodies to get more oxygen to the brain and less to the body for faster decision making abilities.  When we revert to the proper form of breathing in our diaphragm more oxygen is distributed to the body. Cellular oxygenation is an important component to self healing. Practice this breathing until it is habitual, automatic, and easy.

Practice: Diaphragmatic Breathing in the self-healing space we have created, 1-3 minutes three times a day. This can be done in any position.

For beginners try:

  • Lying down face up
  • Place one open hand on the center of our chest and the other on the lower edge of our rib cage where the abdomen begins
  • As we inhale, the lower edge of the rib cage should expand and the abdomen should rise, as we exhale the opposite should take place with very little movement in the upper chest and shoulders

Getting dizzy? If our breathing is too fast or too shallow we can become dizzy or light headed. Slow down to a more relaxed pace staying focused on the diaphragm muscles.

More visual? Try these videos on Diaphragmatic Breath


In the beginning for me diaphragmatic breathing made my muscles sore. It took about a week for my stomach and abdomen to get use to this breath, and about a month for it to become more natural for me, leaving me more relaxed and calm all day. In stressful moments breathing in our diaphragm on purpose can reduce flight or fight tendencies and bring much benefit.


Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This self-healing foundation piece brings over-all relief to the physical body.

Directions: With your body comfortably positioned, close your eyes, uncross your legs, rest your opened hands comfortably at your side, on your abdomen or thighs.

  • Begin Diaphragmatic Breath (explained in-depth in a previous blog Diaphragmatic Breathing)
  • Make your face the focus of your awareness.
    • Tense your muscles, making a sour lemon face. Hold face for the four-count inhalation.
    • Release face during eight-count exhalation, encouraging face to relax.
    • Repeat the process twice more, each time releasing more of the facial expression until there is no expression, leaving a loose relaxed jaw, eyes, and ears.
    • Breath is smooth and deep.
  • Make your shoulders and neck area the focus of your awareness.
    • Tense the muscles in the neck by pressing the shoulders towards the ears, holding for the inhalation, releasing with the exhalation. With your awareness in the neck and shoulders repeat the process.
    • Repeat to reach desired relaxation.
  • Move your awareness to the arm muscles.
    • Tense muscles in both arms, bringing hands to shoulders.
    • Hold at shoulders for inhalation, releasing lowering arms on exhalation.
    • With awareness in arms, repeat until muscles relax.
  • Bring awareness to the muscles in the hands.
    • Tense the muscles in the hands by clenching them into a tight fist, holding for the inhalation, releasing on the exhalation.
    • Repeat until relaxed.
  • Continue awareness in upper back, around shoulder blades, abdomen, and low back.
    • With each cycle it becomes easier to release and relax each muscle group
  • For feet, tense muscles by pointing the toes towards the knees, and on the second cycle away from the knees, holding the foot position for inhalation, releasing on the exhalation.

Practice:  Complete daily Progressive Relaxation at a time of your choosing. It will take about three weeks for relief from chronic pain or existing relaxation issues. You may feel tingling in your muscles as oxygen is returned to the cells. This is normal.

More visual? Try this video on Progressive Muscle Relaxation


I worked on relaxing muscles often and everywhere. I used it when I was walking, stopping at street lights, doing dishes, etc. This had immediate impact, allowing me to cut prescribed pain medications I was taking for Multiple Sclerosis and constant muscle strain from tight muscles.


Reducing the Monkey Mind

‘Monkey Mind’ is constant, endless conscious thought. Overactive brain activity can stop self-healing. If the brain is always working with attention on thoughts the mind has no space to create or move through self-healing.

Let’s reduce Monkey Mind activity during our wellness space and time. Later, we will work on reducing it in our lives.

Reducing Monkey Mind:

  • Set an alarm for the length of time you are allowing for your wellness practice.
  • Reduce outside stimulation such as noise and light, use ear plugs and a sleep mask when needed.
  • Position body in a relaxed, comfortable manner, using pillows etc.
  • Have something near by to write on. Jot down thoughts that need attention and leave them for after our wellness time, giving our brains space to release them until we are done.
  • As thoughts occur, do not allow questioning- questioning leads from one thought to the next.

Information received during a wellness practice comes through much like a dream.  Once  awake from a dream, we have limited time to use focused concentration to remember our dream and recall the details. It is the same following our wellness practice.

Practice: In our space for wellness, while breathing from our diaphragm and relaxing our bodies, we will reduce our Monkey Mind. Practice this one to five minutes, three times a day.

Want a meditation for this? Stabilize the Monkey Mind for Meditation


Before reducing my Monkey Mind, I had insomnia, restless sleep, and fatigue. After I conquered my Monkey Mind, I could go to sleep at will and had an overall sense of peace.


Resistance to Healing

Reading information about self-healing is interesting but it is not enough. To self-heal we must support our knowledge with action and sometimes our need for action is met with resistances like:

  • It’s boring- we are used to hyper stimulation (TV, computers, texting). We find self-healing boring because we are in withdrawal from our stimulants.
  • During a withdrawal experience we’re physically uncomfortable doing nothing- remember, self-healing is a process, not an event.  Healing may feel like nothing until we see the cumulative results from our discipline and repetition of our wellness space.
  • A daily routine becomes comfortable and allows us to enjoy the space that is our wellness practice. It is this reason we start small and work our way up to larger amounts of time.
  • When we self-heal we are asking our brain to take a break, to step back and let the subconscious, super-conscious, and spirit take center stage and do their jobs. Being aware this is what makes healing possible reduces stress on the brain when it feels out of control.
  • When we take a break from our practice, we may find ourselves resistant when we resume our schedule. This is normal and okay. After returning to our routine resistance will fall away.

Practice: In our space for wellness we will continue with diaphragmatic breathing, progressive relaxation, and reduction of our Monkey Mind, one to five minutes, three times a day. When we feel resistant to our practice we will consider what our resistance is and become aware that it is only temporary.

More audio? Try adding music to stimulate the brain without distracting from our wellness practice. Try Awaken to Meditation playlist below.


With my practice I remember thinking I will do it in a minute, then later wondering why I kept putting it off. I wanted to feel better and nothing was changing! Admitting that the lack of change was because I wasn’t actually getting anything done was an eye opener. This wasn’t like taking a pill or a vitamin to feel better, this was all on my effort. Watch for post ‘Tips for Wellness and a Busy Life’. I will share some of my tricks that made it work.

Awaken to Meditation playlist


Designed to Heal

Bodies are meant to be well, designed with everything necessary to self-heal.

I am helping a person who recently had surgery to a major muscle. The physical therapy to heal the muscle creates tears in the muscle tissue. We make and heal tears to our muscles naturally, yet this person was experiencing deep tissue damage with each therapy session. Upon investigation, the energy found blocking the natural healing of the tissue was ‘regret’.

Our natural state is to flow energy. We can passively hold an issue like regret without symptoms. We move within our day free from thoughts or physical pain in relationship to this block, moving around the cells where it is stored.

Active work is needed to heal torn tissue. The body drain of a passive block becomes apparent as we struggle to move energy through the block to heal the tissue. The blocked space is resistant to the flow of energy. This sends a motion signal to the brain. If the signal is understood we release the block and are healthier for it.


When vibration hits a block it’s distortion can be felt as pain.

If the signal is not understood and released by the brain, the body will attempt a physical vibration release of its own. This brings focused attention to the block’s location in the form of pain. It is a marker to show where wellness work is needed to heal.

Practice? This entry does not specifically change our wellness practice. We will continue to add foundation pieces while we include Food for Thought entries. Food for Thought is helpful during the Self Healing Foundation Practice of Contemplation.

I was resistant to the idea much of my pain could be released by letting go of beliefs and energy blocks. Once I understood and embodied what was possible I could instantly stop physical pain for myself and others.

Here is an excerpt from The TOTAL Concept’s STUDY-2016, Expansion Program: Energetic Awareness Tools. It gives you an introduction into the most basic pain relief techniques.


Tips for Wellness and a Busy Life

When we struggle to find time for wellness, the biggest idea to embrace is make it important and do it first. Until wellness has that kind of priority in your busy life here are some tips for fitting it in:

  • Start simple, really simple. If you try to do too much in the beginning you may feel overwhelmed. This will drive you away from a wellness practice.
  • Upon waking, before you jump out of bed (or standing in place if there is fear of falling back to sleep), spend one minute with your wellness practice. Try forming an intention, balancing chakras, dream investigation, or reciting affirmations.
  • Before bed, especially if the day has been extreme, take fifteen minutes for contemplation. Depending on the day, you may fall asleep as soon as you start. This is a win win-if you stay awake you complete the meditation, if you fall asleep it helps you enter dreamland in a state of balance instead of laying awake with monkey mind.

Pulling back from stimulation is necessary in wellness. Here are a few examples of integrating wellness with stimulus:

  • When sitting down to watch a video, take a minute before pressing play to check active holding of energy (active holding occurs in the moment while passive is held based on the past). This will encourage body release without thought while you are entertained.
  • Before opening an app or going on social media, do a two minute monkey mind meditation. It will help you separate from the drama that is present.
  • Before exiting the car at home following a busy day, expanding light energy to release stress or baggage gathered. This prepares you to spend time with others comfortably.
  • Before playing cards, gardening, or sports take a minute or two for diaphragmatic breath to increase your clarity and connection to your natural abilities.

Some of the unusual but effective ways I found time for wellness were:

  • Waiting for water to boil.
  • Standing in line.
  • Picking up the kids from school.
  • After a bathroom break.
  • Before making a phone call.
  • At red lights.
  • Filling up my drinking bottle with filtered water.
  • In a doctors office.
  • Anytime I feel stress and think ‘I just need a minute’ I take it.

Some wellness practices I performed in odd moments were:

  • At the two minute street light by my house, I often grab a minute for Muscle Awareness if I get there just as it turns red, which happens a lot.
  • When I arrive at my destination if I am early, I take half the time I have left and use this for my Progressive Relaxation. The other half of the time is used relaxing and enjoying the feeling of change in my body.
  • In the shower with Shower Meditations.
  • After dinner before I clear my place I will use the wellness practice of Gratitude unless the family is involved in a lively discussion.

Items with links to more details are identified with this color. When the item is underlined it will be explained in a subsequent blog in detail.


In the beginning I was sick in bed about 18 hours a day and it was still hard to have a wellness practice!  I would go a whole day without spending even a second on wellness.  I had alarms set four times a day for medication, so to create a habit before I took my medicine I spent time with my wellness practice. After ten days I noticed my resistance to creating my wellness space fade.  After three weeks I looked forward to my wellness practice!


Beginning Contemplation

Contemplation is a passive/relaxed Conscious Meditation. It settles the subconscious thinkerwhile relaxing our focus during a given moment. The relaxed focus often reveals solutions and awareness that the tight focus of our belief structure keeps us from seeing.

As beginners, starting contemplation prepared for a night’s rest is handy, as the relaxation may put us to sleep.

  • Relax into the events of your day. Resist the urge to think about experiences that are not specifically yours, putting aside thoughts of family, neighbors, work, and crushes. Those thoughts belong to a different part of your wellness practice.
  • Behaving as a neutral third-party, watch your day’s events like you would watch a movie, connected as an observer, not a participant. Keep your focus on you as the main character.
  • Separate yourself from your actions and reactions in each moment. Instead of seeing yourself or another character as responsible for what your character did, see how each character is responsible for themselves and how their beliefs create their behavior.
  • Stay focused on the main character. Do not follow or get distracted from your focus with anticipating or assigning meaning to the reactions of anyone else in the scene. Pay close attention to see if your actions are based on things in the moment or thoughts and beliefs outside of the moment. Observe how beliefs and fears are effecting your in the moment behavior.
  • You can know nothing past the actual facts of the event, release every assumption made and replace it with a question you may want answered. Allow your subconscious to seek out those answers while you sleep, free of assumption, fear, judgment, conclusions, or attachment. (Use Return to Observation to learn how to be free of attachment, judgment, and conclusions.)

There are many layers and methods for contemplation. Regarding events having conflict or emotionally charged attachments, we will cover how to work with these in future contemplation posts. For now, set those aside and continue with Beginning Contemplation methods only.

Practice: Use Contemplation daily. It is excellent for monkey mind, hidden fears, stilted emotions, and connection to soul. Suggested amount of time five to thirty minutes.


When my kids got in trouble at school, through contemplation and relaxed focus, I found room to let go of fears of failure, both mine and theirs. I began viewing things with consideration for change. I was no longer a victim to my beliefs that a child must be punished to control them. I had room for free will to see how I wanted to empower them so they could create positive change for themselves. Over all, seeing everything from a place of compassion as a third-party let me release misunderstandings that caused discomfort, and helped me feel gratitude and love for my life and its participants.


Active and Passive Holding of Energy

We have two primary forms of emotional body blocks. Blocks are locations in the body where holding attention and focus decreases energy flow.

Passive Holding emotional blocks:


multiple passive holding

  • Take little effort to hold on a daily basis.
  • Involve waiting for more information from outside or inside of us before we make a change.
  • Are caused by fearful beliefs of self or others.
  • Held in place by ignoring the issue; brought to our attention when forced to address it in the moment.
  • Include the repetition of behaviors not aligned with our truth.
  • Involve the long-term stagnation of energy, starving and killing cells, creating physical body damage.

Passive holding can be used positively to gather the missing piece or vibration needed to continue moving with balanced effort or less control through an issue or for the complete resolution of that issue.

Active Blocking emotional blocks:


active block pain

  • Take constant effort to hold on a daily basis.
  • Involve the current awareness of an existing issue held without resolution.
  • Include stuffing down, denying, blaming, or becoming trapped in circular thoughts of the issue.
  • Restrict the stopped flow of energy, which creates build-up and pressure resulting in pain signals without specific disease, diagnosis, or cellular damage.
  • Create stagnant energy that can shift into passive holding.

Active blocking can be used positively to show us we are moving out of alignment with our truth bringing awareness to our in the moment needs.

Practice: The release of blocks is a process. Start by being self aware that these blocks exist and are created by us. This is an important step in our wellness practice.


I learned I had self-love blocks contributing to my heart attack, atrial fibrillation, and other heart issues. I was able, with awareness, to identify the belief ‘not good enough’ and all it’s supporting self-victimization. I used this awareness during my wellness practice to release, heal, and search out areas for growth, eliminating my need to have these experiences. I learned acceptance and to see myself from a place of truth; instantly I released symptoms from active blocks, and over time symptoms from passive blocks healed as well.


Arguing Our Limitations

It was difficult to realize in what ways I was holding back from wellness; even harder to see it was me doing this to myself. I said things like trapped-2‘but I don’t have time…I don’t know what to do…I don’t have the money…I am too sick!’ Thinking of these statements as fact were in my way, keeping me from wellness.

I heard the phrase-If you argue for your limitations you get to keep them. I started asking myself in regards to my thoughts and beliefs and how I fought the idea’s of others:

  • Is this something I want to keep?
  • Does this belief limit my ability to be well?
  • Are my fears keeping me from my solution?
  • Is this belief a fear or a fact (if it’s a fact it is true for all)?

The more I questioned what I thought or said in this positive way the more I realized I was the limiting factor in my life and the easier it was to get out of my way. I realized beliefs are subjective, open to interpretation-not facts. Therefore, they could be changed.

Practice: Use questioning (use the ones listed above or something personal) to see where we are creating limitation in our personal wellness.

The more I realized if something can be done by one of us it can be done by all of us the easier it was to let go of my arguments and move into wellness. By asking these questions and accepting energetic body, mind, and spirit solutions, I have found ways to heal skin cancer, kidney stones, broken bones and more. The answers are out there and we are learning to find them by letting go of our limitations, by moving into wellness.

Refresh your thoughts with Wellness Practice Pieces. Use these and all your wellness tools as needed to have a successful Wellness Practice.


Getting Started

We are rounding off the first month of our posts regarding our Wellness Practice, The TOTAL Concept, All Parts of Me. I appreciate and support your desire to be well.

Here, at the very beginning of our wellness practice, we are realizing the process is a journey. My commitment to this journey is to keep the posts short, simple, and compact. I ask we keep the commitment to ourselves of being engaged, making space, and keeping time with our wellness practice. Someone’s grandmother, I am sure, said You will either make time to be well or you will make time to be sick. It’s your choice.

To remain confident in your practice review Wellness Practice Pieces monthly.

For a comfortable journey it is good to know who you are traveling with. I would love for you to introduce yourself, share your wellness goals, and give us the opportunity to support you. You can do this by email at or with comments here on the blog. I am certain others on this journey would love to meet you as well.

To better know me you can ask a direct question, read My Stories, or watch a video at My Stories Videos.


Causing Emotional Damage

We know to stop touching a hot stove with the burning of our skin; pain signals us to pull back. With conditioning, we can push through and control physical pain, forcing ourselves to endure against body’s signal to stop. Once this ability to force becomes normal, we think we are fine. Over time, pushing through too much physical pain leads to losing skin, destroying tendons, and breaking bones.


Enduring and holding pain creates a constant need for release.

Emotional pain is the same-pain signals us to pull back. When we ignore pain’s guidance system and continue to ‘hold ourselves to the flame’ of our emotions we get burned.

With emotions, we damage our energy first and our body second. The change in our energy system reduces our ability to function much like not eating or lack of sleep does. In our low energy state we are more likely to create emotional body blocks, which degenerate the physical body. This was briefly discussed in Active and Passive Holding of Energy.

Pushing into pain creates an entrenchment, a reinforcement of the block. We forcibly hold ourselves in pain with beliefs like:

  • I deserve this.
  • I knew better and I did it anyway.
  • Why do these things always happen to me?
  • You did this to me!

Without these entrenching beliefs we would move through our emotions and be okay in the moment. The entrenching belief keeps the pain active, current, and connected to the past. Holding the block creates a constant need for release. This yin yang process of block, release, block, release, block never ends unless we learn to pull back from pain and see it for what it actually is, a warning.

Practice: Continue with the basics we have discussed found in Wellness Practice Pieces. Stay with the discussion and posts as we build up to our next piece of the wellness puzzle. With each post we will see more and more how to heal our body, mind, and spirit as a whole.


My most ingrained personal entrenching beliefs supported the concept of ‘not good enough’. I remember in church hearing Christ was perfect and I needed to be Christ-like. These were two separate thoughts, and my mind made them one. The world on the other hand continually supported me by saying it was okay not to be perfect. The dichotomy this created over time was unbearable. I would never be able to be Christ-like if I was not perfect and the world said I would never be perfect. The constant trap of deciding which God to serve was unbearable, and even though I left the church the beliefs stayed with me. With my wellness practice I eventually learned to spot these kinds of entrapments and move toward releasing them, freeing up my energy to be used by my body, mind, and spirit.


Holding Emotional Pain

The holding of emotional pain occurs when we are forcing ourselves to be or do something that is not in alignment with our truth. This effort has damaging results and appears first as active blocking and second as passive holding. Some examples of how we might feel active blocking in regards to emotional pain are:

  • When we want to say something and don’t-our throat burns.
  • We believe our love has betrayed us-our chest feels like it is caving in.
  • We want to kick someone for being an ass-our ankle throbs.
  • We are stubbornly holding a grudge-our joints ache.

When we feel these symptoms, we think if we control our emotions we are fine. We are actually burning ourselves with our actions. Continuing to ignore the pain signals will get us these kinds of results:

  • The pain overload will create exaggerated reactions to simple experiences.
  • Our bodies will internalize the pain and break down in the form of disease or illness.
  • The emotional overload will rise up creating the need for a breakdown.
  • Loss of joy and connection.
  • Severe and lasting depression.

Emotional pain is created in us by our habits and prioritization of beliefs through socialization. Literally the way to stop emotional pain is to be aware of it and pull back from our entrenching beliefs. Later in the posts we will look at triggers for emotional pain and how to work with them in detail.

Practice: Stay with your current practice and consider adding meditation. For some examples check out the video Meditation section.


I realized I was a master at holding emotional pain because of how deep I could cut myself with it. I made it impossible for people to communicate or help me. I would see someone’s actions that were innocent and make those actions about me. For example, in my relationship when my partner was late getting home I took it personally, causing an emotional uprising inside that was inconsolable.


Aligning Emotions with Truth

When conditioned to experience emotional pain we can stuff down, deny, or avoid our pain. By ignoring pain we lose sight of how to use it for guidance. We stop seeing that we are cloud-openingmoving out of balance and out of our truth. We accept suffering as a way of life. The longer and stronger we hold pain, the less we recognize it as our creation.

Emotional pain is the result of forcibly holding a belief that is not our truth. This effort creates a delusion. Awareness of the delusion is the first step in moving away from emotional pain. We hold pain when we:

  • Rationalize our experience to be okay. It’s okay if I didn’t help them because last time they didn’t help me. A healthy creation is to learn it is okay to say no and release rationalization.
  • Judge others for their behavior. He failed because he is stupid. A healthy creation is to face our fears, look at our own behavior, and release false judgment.
  • Blame someone so we can feel okay. It’s John’s fault I can’t get a job. A healthy creation is to take responsibility for what we can and cannot control and release blame.
  • Find meaning in unrelated events to spin our perception. I stole from work because the economy is bad. A healthy creation is to look only at this moment’s facts and realize our issue releasing the need for excuses.
  • Force control to move past pain without a resolution or a solution. I will be okay because I have to. A healthy creation is to investigate why we are not okay and release the need to hold control.
  • Hold strong to a belief or detail. My marriage is over because we lost our house. A healthy creation is to release focus and see the whole of our experience and release an entrenchment.
  • Misdirect, moving away from the issue. I wouldn’t be disappointed if you hadn’t forgotten my birthday. A healthy creation is to address one issue at a time and release the need for more delusion.
  • Refuse to look at facts, placing beliefs as a higher priority. I can’t leave my spouse who beats me because of my religion. A healthy creation is to realize when a belief is working against us and release attachment.

Practice: Pay attention to emotional pain. Make an effort to slow down or stop so we can pull back from the habit of creating delusion.


After pushing myself into pain for years, passive holding of energy resulted in Multiple Sclerosis. Out of necessity, through the body, mind, spirit connection, I developed a way to understand these symptoms and what they were telling me. The understanding of how energy works (energetics) is critical to my ability to maintain wellness.


Contemplation and Emotions

contemplation-emotionsAfter all this emotional work, when you next practice contemplation you can consider events having conflict or emotionally charged attachments. Work with this method:

  • Each time I find myself emotionally involved during contemplation, I will pull back into the third party observer to be aware of the conflict without being involved in the conflict.
  • Observe from a third party point of view my reactions during each event. Observe without any conclusions or judgments, paying close attention to how I feel my emotions as I watch from a place outside of my personal experience of them. If done correctly I will notice a decrease in my emotional response to the moment being observed and an increase to my awareness of the picture as a whole.
  • Answer these questions:
    • What can I see different from this space than I did in the moment I was experiencing my exaggerated emotions, fear or pain?
    • What was the misunderstanding or belief that brought me to this experience?
    • What piece of information did I assume or twist, that might not be fact, that pulled me into having a painful experience?
  • Review the event again, aware of my conflicting ideas. Stay present as an outsider, clear on the facts, watching without judgment.
  • If I find myself getting emotional or attached to an event or its details I am no longer a third party observer.
  • Be compassionate and let go of critical opinions of myself and the other participants as I would for a child or a best friend in need of my support.

It is in moving through our emotions that we find relief. Contemplation helps bring information to the surface that our emotional focus keeps out of view. Our answers already exist in every moment and our wellness practice gives us the space to find what we are blocking. In this space we can address and release these blocks.

Practice: Pay attention to emotional pain. Make an effort to slow down or stop, bringing information to the surface. In our wellness space we can address and release these issues.


In my life I had started screaming at my kids when they had the television volume too loud. I was feeling victimized and lashing out. Using this method helped me see I was waiting too long to communicate my need. With contemplation I could see the moment I started to get upset and stuff down my emotion. I was being selfless from a position of martyrdom, believing their need had priority over mine. During contemplation I realized the kids were doing nothing to me on purpose and if I had communicated my need before I couldn’t take it anymore the screaming would not occur. In my wellness space I also found creative solutions like showing them the level on the dial that I considered too loud. They were very happy to have a guide to meet my need with love.



water-kolidascopeHydration is a key component in wellness. It affects us on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. When the body is adequately hydrated, everything moves better.

  • The electrical foundation of the body is based on water. Without water it is harder for energy to move through the body. Even mild dehydration is a physical block to energetics.
  • Water is necessary to move toxins out of the body.
  • Rigidity of the cell membrane is critical to both body and spirit. Water is necessary to maintain cellular health.
  • If the body is dehydrated, the electrical signal does not readily move through the brain. The timing of signals in the brain to support mind connection is critical to overall wellness.
  • Spirit is the electrical balance of the physical body. Without a medium for this information to move through, the body and brain cannot receive what it needs to function in balance without effort.

Due to socialized needs we have learned to control the signal of thirst. Try this Hydration Method to break habitual behavior:

  • Set an alarm to drink an 8oz cup of water every hour for eight-fourteen hours
  • Discontinue scheduled drinking approximately 2-3 hours before bed
  • You will urinate much more as body flushes toxins. Plan for this by making sure the first two days that bathrooms are readily available.
  • You will notice on the second or third day you become thirstier even though you are drinking more water. The body now wants to flush out more toxins and fill up all the cells that have been under hydrated.
  • By the forth day your body should be more acclimated to its need for hydration creating its own level of thirst. This will allow you to discontinue the scheduled drinking in order to and drink as the body desires.
  • You will notice a change in urine color, becoming clearer as the body has fewer and fewer toxins.
  • You will notice a huge decline in appetite as your body acclimates to the new hydration. It is okay to skip eating when you aren’t hungry.
  • You can add small amounts of Himalayan salt and minerals to your water to help as the body is flushing out toxins.

Practice: Make an effort to add adequate hydration to your wellness plan.
Disclaimer-All dietary and medical questions should be answered by your wellness professional of choice. These suggestions are made with the consideration that you are in a state of wellness that will support the change when implemented.

When I heard I was suppose to be drinking 1 1/2 times my weight in ounces of water daily I was shocked. I did research. Although the suggested water amounts varied, everyone was telling me I wasn’t drinking enough. I remembered back to fifth grade and realized school had taught me to not drink even when I was thirsty. Work later supported this with limited bathroom breaks. Socialization’s control had created habitual behavior that does not support my body’s wellness.


Energetic Support

Whether we understand it or not, on an energetic level we are naturally creating change in our lives every day. The following is a list of components that can be used to create internal energetic support. They are listed in words we are familiar with. What we may not be familiar with is how to purposely use them in our lives.internal-energies

Using internal energy to guide our lives and wellness practice, we can open doors that currently appear closed to us. Understanding the energy of these components makes self-control, will power, responsibility, and discipline easier.


Over the next several months of posts we will discuss each of these energies and various ways to work with them. Understanding our own innate natural abilities will help us utilize energetic support for wellness.


My Relapsing Remitting MS was progressing rapidly. My remissions were lasting a week or less before each subsequent relapse. Before long, I was spending more than two thirds of my day in bed due to pain and exhaustion. Learning to release blocks in my body became a priority. As I learned to work with these concepts things began to turn around. I started to gain control over my body, my emotions, my energy, and my health. I felt there was a light at the end of this very long tunnel I had been in for years.



sunsetWhen we exist as our natural light we are considered Golden. We free flow energy, are absent of blocks, and our internal light quantity is constant. When blocks are a drain on our energy we must either move them or use our natural light as energetic fuel. When natural light is reduced:

  • We lose sight of our direction.
  • We will struggle to see the truth of who we are.
  • We become unable to draw things to us as we want.
  • We tend to stall out or become confused.
  • We perceive life as complicated and out of control.
  • Without restoration of our natural light we damage body, mind, and spirit.

Prayer, by itself, creates nothing. It’s authority comes from our own free will and willingness to become self aware. Prayer is used to illuminate the issues listed above. The burst of energy that follows prayer is the surrender of our conscious control to our higher self. This space makes it possible for us to receive information, bringing awareness to how we are blocking the free flow of energy in our lives.

Prayer cannot control our external existence. It can however bring about change through the act of understanding our energy and how we are using it internally. Prayer is most effective in conjunction with a personal desire for change. Using prayer activates our energy in our heart center known as our spark of divinity. Being aware of our beliefs and created blocks can help return our natural energy to its proper place of heart center and open the flow of energy through the body, mind, and spirit connection.

Remember, we always have access to everything we need for creation in this world. Think of Prayer as a way to translate the directions so we can successfully manage our creation in every moment.

Prayer alone does nothing. Prayer in conjunction with other components and energies can move mountains.

Practice: Continue working with our foundation pieces.


I remember at age eight, in the midst of tragedy, praying for my father to come home from his naval tour. I prayed with everything I had. I was certain he would be home when I woke in the morning. When he didn’t come home I felt I wasn’t deserving of my prayers to be answered. It wasn’t until much later I learned Prayer gives us access to energy that supports us working towards our personal change so we can again free flow our energy. It does not support us using the power of will to change the outside world.



hands-on-energyPraying is easy. We don’t have to put a lot of work or thought into it. It is natural to pray and ask for help. What we may not have is an understanding of the answers. Finding our way through our answers is a little more complicated when we receive them through the distortion of our blocked energy. Once block free we hear the information without distortion. Until we are there, we can practice consciously formulating prayers so we can open our awareness of this support. After some practice it can be easy to understand our answers.

For instance, if we want money, we don’t pray for money. Our conscious mind will not understand the answers it gets and will most likely feel a sense of loss when we do not receive what we are praying for. Praying for money is asking for external support. Prayer is designed for internal support. We use prayer to move our energy with free will, to aid in our creation of self and our environment.

If we want money we can formulate prayers in these directions to create awareness. With awareness we gain support and realize how we are our way of getting what we want. We can pray for:

  • Understanding why we are creating a need to have less money than meets our needs. What protection does our lack of money bring us? For instance: If I have money to live on my own I might move away from my family. My family is my support system. I cannot have money if I believe moving will cause me to lose my support system. Even when we know something is not true, we can still be holding a block that supports the belief and keeps us from what we want. Praying for Understanding can show me this and help me move past it.
  • Knowledge to see if the money we currently attract is in balance with our truth. Perhaps we always have exactly what we need and fear is the driving force behind our desire for more money. We may hold the idea that one day we may need money and not have it. If we understand we always have the money we need, we can let go of the belief that a change in our money is necessary.
  • Our ability to comprehend how money works in our lives. We cannot draw in what we do not understand. If we have the common belief ‘money is the root of all evil’ we must learn to understand how and where in our lives we believe this to be true. Once we see the belief and how we apply it, we can learn to move past it.
  • Insight as to how we block money from coming to us. With this prayer we might recall a time when we were kids and we were told people with money are selfish. Our need to be generous could keep us money poor. With work we can organize our beliefs, moving our need for money away from the belief that money makes us selfish.
  • Why we want the lack of money and where the belief comes from. From this prayer we might wake to a memory of our Grandpa saying, “Our family has always been poor.” There is power in this memory. Here we use the support of family over the support of money. Realizing how we accepted that having no money was necessary to be part of our family can give us space to choose something different.

Prayer lets us see more clearly our creation, how, why, and what we do with it. With awareness, we can stop the energy drain and move back into our own light. Many things we pray for will have multiple layers. Using the above concepts one each night, each as a separate prayer, can be useful when seeking our answers and support.


I have always had money when I needed it. When I divorced I found myself being afraid I would not have money for my children’s needs. My fear changed my thoughts about money, and skewed me from balance, where I grew more confused. When I prayed for help, to have more money in my life, I woke to the memory of a meditation years earlier. In my meditation I had seen my personal truth about money, how money supports me when I am in a place of self-trust, making choices that meet my need in each moment. It was a beautiful reminder, and every time I find myself afraid, I remember I already have this truth and balance about money and I simply go back there, where I am Golden.


Prayer process

energy-healing-in-bellingham-waThe power of Prayer is strongest when its only influence is our own. Checking in with each chakra to feel and experience the power of prayer makes it easier to have conscious awareness of what Prayer support is.

  • Prayer support recognized in the first chakra makes it possible to feel supported when we cannot possibly have all the answers to completely understand the direction we are choosing in our experiences.
  • In the second chakra we utilize prayer support to understand our mental comparisons. The support makes it possible to understand the difference between external beliefs of what we want and the internal truth of what we need. This support helps us to form a conclusion that meets the expression of both, having what we need in our internal energy and in our external physical world as one in the same.
  • The third chakra uses prayer to complete a task and support our authority of personal truth. Prayer encourages the consumption of external etheric Earth energy. It brings this information through the third chakra so it can be read and maintained. We use this to understand our external world, completing the connection of the spirit to the physical. The third chakra connection to prayer is required for prayer to flow energy into the fifth chakra.
  • Prayer, when used in the heart center, brings awareness and makes acceptance of self possible. We feel better in relationships with others and we balance internal ego with external processes. In the forth, Prayer is utilized as the guidance of soul communication. This is where we understand that creation through prayer cannot undo a choice. Prayer, when used to take away an experience, creates a block in the heart. It holds us in temporary safety, eventually drawing the same experience to us again and again until we go through the experience completely. Prayer is greatest when used to move through issues as opposed to getting stuck or using denial of an issue.
  • The fifth chakra uses prayer to heal from the inside out, starting with energy brought in and up from the third chakra. As the support moves through the fifth chakra it passes through our truth and moves our internal truth out to our surface. This keeps the support of prayer separate from false or painful beliefs we have in our brain. Without this connection between the third and fifth chakras, the informational support of prayer cannot be added into our energetic system to be absorbed and used in our physical life.
  • The sixth chakra does not impact prayer. The sixth can be used to view the possible energetic changes of the support of prayer. Seeing from the sixth with prayer shows us synchronicity, identifies confirmations, and supports our conscious understanding of what we couldn’t know from prayer in the first chakra.
  • The seventh chakra aids in bringing prayer information into the physical body from external etheric Sky energy. It helps us control the information as it comes into the physical body. It is important to understand the seventh does not have an effect on the energy, it is only allowed to flow the information to us. Moving all our energy out into the seventh and beyond is where we use prayer to see the connections past what we know as our universal selves.

The absence of Prayer support in our system can many times have an opposite effect. For instance, not having support in the first chakra from prayer, we may lean into feelings of doubt or insecurity regarding a direction we want to go. We might lose confidence in our direction and choose a direction that is not aligned with our truth, attempting to feel safe. With support of Prayer we can avoid this unnecessary movement out of our truth and feel safe while not knowing where our direction is taking us.


For me Prayer is not about giving over my authority to an external God. Prayer is attracting the God support to me, I am experiencing God as myself. Because I have accepted Christ (God’s light) into my body, I knowingly house a piece of God (the spark of divinity) in my physical form. Using prayer keeps the authority of divinity in my body instead of out.


Happy Thanksgiving

This year with The TOTAL Concept, All Parts of ME, I am grateful for ME!

With everything we already do in our lives it is nice to remember it all starts with me. If I don’t take care of me, if I don’t have this goal for myself of wellness, I will use myself up and one day I will awake with nothing left to give to my world.


This year I have worked repeatedly on me, digging deep into my mental and emotional issues to break down the blocks that create my physical world in ways I do not appreciate or enjoy. With this effort I can say I have truly reached a place where being the full expression of myself is possible with little effort.

I am grateful for the inspirational participants whose need to be well inspired me to share my personal methods and gave me a place to expand my understanding of energetics far beyond what was only possible for myself. With this new hope and insight we have started the journey of changing the world of energy to a place of understanding instead of mysticism. Thank you all for the encouragement to share what it is our eternal selves already know to be true.

Thank you God-self for loving me when I have wondered how to love myself, for providing the safe refuge inside of my heart. I am the connection to my own divinity. It is my love for myself that makes me divine.


Flowing Prayer

Like all other components of energetics, Prayer needs space to move (we call this flow). As we give up our power to others by supporting their needs and beliefs without our own, water-bubbles-2we create physical tension in the body. This restricts the flow of Prayer by narrowing the pathway our energy travels on. This restricted or narrowed pathway slows or halts the flow of Prayer. We feel this as struggle which may cause us to compare our need to the needs of others. This comparison would be done in our brain from a place known as fight or flight. In conscious comparison, we may begin to prioritize one need over the other. Doing so will increase physical and energetic tension.

When we begin to restrict the flow of prayer it is because we are not prepared to use the full measure of information coming in. We have already given up our authority. We are already meeting the needs of others without meeting the needs of self. Accepting the support of Prayer shows us how we have begun to victimize ourselves and how to move back into our truth. There, we can regain authority to be who we are while meeting the needs of others in our lives.

When we can see how all blocks are self created by us, knowing we are solely responsible for the push and pull of our energy, we realize we are the only influence our decisions have. There is no external control. Our perception is what takes us out of our truth. We give the perceived beliefs of others authority over our own wants and needs. This is how we leave balance. Doing this, leaving our truth, feeds into the disease of others. It keeps us as a group out of balance. We are supporting a situation that will self destruct over time as tension builds further.

This lack of responsibility for self keeps us from receiving the energetic support Prayer has to offer. It is in the way of our prayers being answered. We must:

  • Accept responsibility for our choices.
  • Realize we have created this tension.
  • See we can release this tension with understanding and communication.
  • Know the only control is internal.
  • Give ourselves the mental space needed to once again use the full support of Prayer.

When these steps are complete Prayer support is easy. When it’s not easy we can use energetic visualizations and meditations to help open up the space for Prayer in the body.


Often I pray to be self aware, to see how I am blocking the free flow my energy by cooperating the beliefs of others instead of seeing how we can both have what we want from a place of balance and wellness. I learned I must be willing to see all the information without attachment, judgment, or conclusion to receive the full measure of information Prayer has to give. With the support of Prayer I then have what I need to reach the win win in all areas of my life. This is my divine information. I need it to be stable.


Prayer Meditation

Using a Prayer Meditation can help prepare the colored-circlesbody, mind, and spirit system to open for the support Prayer has to offer. When we have habitually blocked this information by creating tension in our body and energy, providing this open space can help us return to wellness and an ability to meet our own needs.

Here is one example of Prayer meditation. It is not the same as Prayer itself. It is the preparation of creating space so we can receive Prayer support. If you have been working to create space for wellness with our foundation pieces then trust that this next part is easy and you will be prepared for this practice. This visualization meditation example uses the emotional energies of the physical body to open space for Prayer:

  • First access our clear channel. This is a tube of space 6-8 inches wide that runs up and down through the center of the body. Imagine it empty, having either white or black light, whichever feels best.
  • Visualize pushing the bottom of the clear channel into the earth.
  • While holding this connection to the earth, on the front of the body allow the energy to move between your skin and the channel, and push what you feel into the earth. Do not push what you feel into the channel or past your skin, only down into the earth. Keep a pace that allows you to feel the force. Moving to fast will lose connection and too slow will miss moving the energy.
  • The new energy flowing into the body (which will come from Sky above) to fill this space will have power and authority over the body temporarily, moving you into space for Prayer. It will automatically move into the emptied space.

Once we are comfortable with how that feels we can practice adding the infinity loop visualization.

Practice: We are already creating space for wellness. In this space prepare for Prayer as a focus. If we have been regularly practicing our foundation pieces this effort is minimal. If it takes effort, go back and review and practice the Self Healing Foundation pieces. If you have been practicing these pieces regularly and still find adding space for prayer takes more than minimal effort check in with me or a practitioner of your choice to see what might be keeping you from this open space.


When I learned to use the energy of prayer with success I was able to feel more peace and support. Now when I start to feel confusion or stuck in my head, or if I’m unable to get what I think I want, saying a prayer allows me to wake the next morning felling more peaceful and supported. I often have answers to how I am blocking my flow of energy, why I hold myself still, and what I can adjust to experience change. I find it is only a tiny shift in perception or belief that is keeping my path turned from my desired destination.


Prayer Infinity Loop

Prayer’s unique system of change is best utilized when the space of an infinity loop is infinity_loop-motionpresent. We will go into details of energy systems much later as we learn to move energy in our bodies purposely to heal. For now our goal is to open space so we can connect and use the support Prayer has to offer.

  • Open energy in the heart center as we do in the Extending Light Meditation. Expand the light or dark to fill up the 6-8 inch spherical space in the heart chakra area of the body, located in the center of the chest rather than over the physical heart.
  • Remain in this open-heart space as you feel the connection to heart energy. Once connected, drop this energy into the third chakra, which is about two inches above the belly button. Without thinking, you are going to move this energy around in this area until it feels as if it wants to move out the front of the body. You may find yourself following the energy with awareness as opposed to pushing it with will. Once it leaves out the front of your stomach area, it will release and flow back into the heart.
  • From the heart it will continue out of the center of the back and up into the back of the neck immediately behind the throat, also known as the fifth chakra.
  • The energy will then release out of the front of the throat and continue back into the front of the fourth, out of the back of the forth, and return into the back of the third, completing the infinity loop.
  • Notice the crossing of the figure eight occurs in the heart and the loops pass through the third and fifth chakra areas.
  • This loop, once in place, will automatically carry prayer energy in the body converting it in the heart to be used by both the lower earth chakras and the upper sky chakras, completely connecting to all aspects of self at once because infinity is never ending.
  • Pay attention to where the infinity loop seems to be out of body instead of in the body. Attempt, by feeling, to move the loop back within the physical body. Notice if the infinity shape is altered by bulging, if it’s thicker in one section than another, and use feeling while relaxing to intend the loop to normalize or become equal. Include in this normalization the speed of the loop if it feels too fast or too slow when you are aware of the connection. Do not force the loop to change at this point in the process. For now awareness and suggestion with intent are the keys to working with the Infinity Loop. Remember, later we will go into details of energy systems as we learn to move energy in our bodies purposely to heal.

All of the Meditation Projects can help prepare space for Prayer.

Change occurs most naturally with fluid energy. In our body alone, we can follow many energetic paths to accomplish change. All of these paths are occurring at the same time. It is our focus that creates with our conscious brain the difference in the energy we will use for change.

Practice: Connecting to, feeling, and visualizing the Infinity Loop in the body as listed above.


I have found Prayer has one significant vital support that other forms of information energy are lacking. It has the internal support of the God-self, my spark of divinity that is in itself the divine, and also my only connection to this part of me while in physical form. It’s part of my 5-D experience. Without this connection time and space take on strong earthly states, restricting my natural abilities.


Prayer Method

After we have opened space for Prayer, we will practice a method to use prayer in our energetic system effectively. Prayer support would look like this:prayer-healing

  • First, adopt the Prayer Meditation.
  • Add the Infinity Loop Visualization when comfortable.
  • It is necessary to have our connection to the Earth in place. We can use a grounding meditation if needed to connect to Earth as support. Once in place, focus on our breath.

When we are ready to add prayer to our energetic system:

  • Using a slightly strong, continually  deepening breath, begin to open heart center. (For help with opening heart center consultant the Extending Light Meditation.)
  • The light we open in our heart center is then directed into the earth using our clear channel.
  • After we feel the light enter the Earth, we will then change our focus to see light from the Earth being pulled up through the clear channel to Sky.
  • Then follow with your attention a new stream of light as it travels from Sky back to Earth.
  • Repeat until there is an increase of light in the body. This increase in light opens us to the information Prayer support brings. The brightness of the increased light temporarily displaces the darkness of the blocks allowing room for clarity.

Our information, the answers and support we are seeking, already exist. It is our conscious thoughts, physical blocks, unbalanced beliefs, and inability to individuate (meaning: to create ourselves as unique and separate while still connected to others) that are blocking it from entering into our energetic system. The more blocks we have the harder it is to consciously hold the information.

Practice: Review each of the Prayer posts and work with them as a whole. The purpose of this exercise is to temporarily create space so the support of Prayer can pass through to our conscious memory. With practice and consistent effort we increase our ability to open space for Prayer, gain control, and gather Prayer information with purpose.


I remember as a kid asking why suffering existed. I imagine every child has wondered the same thing. What I learned as I practiced using Prayer (and it does take practice to fully express this component of energy) is that the information has always been there. Realizing this, I was encouraged to question when the answers and support I was receiving didn’t give me strength and direction I was expecting. I wondered if there was more. Finding that there was indeed more, much more, and easy specific ways to get to it was not only surprising but also enlightening. My personal conclusion is that suffering is not done to us but rather chosen by us because we lack the energetic support to understand things can be different. Prayer is an excellent remedy for the delusion of suffering.


Prayer Support

colorful-explosionNow we are ready to use the information coming in through Prayer. A couple of things to keep in mind when looking at the information include:

  • Conscious control takes priority unless we train ourselves to do otherwise. Practicing a silence Meditation or Return to Observation prepares the mind.
  • We bring the mind into the process only after the heart. The change of brightness in the heart will act as your indicator, appearing as less bright if the mind connection is accessed before the heart is opened.
  • Understanding we are here to enjoy this world first and create in it second is an important concept. This understanding is experienced by opening the heart followed by the mind to Prayer information. From this understanding we can start to pull to us the information necessary to create in our lives without suffering.
  • Keep in mind, when we block aspects of Prayer from coming in with tension in our body or energy, we accept less than the full measure of Prayer. This is when we observe our prayers as not being answered.

In the beginning, you may like to write down what comes to you without thinking about what it means or how it is applied to your life. Once you have the information, the last step is to use the method of Contemplation to apply the information to our lives, connecting the energy support to the brain, giving us natural control over our environment.


I have been using this method for years and I still find it useful to mentally lock in the information for clarity by writing it down before I consider what it means. The brain tends to rework or overwrite the information with old beliefs and patterns as soon as we open to habitual thoughts. Having the clear statements Prayer support provides gives me a way to keep pulling myself back to what is possible instead of being distracted by what once was.


The Nose Knows

Let’s enjoy a Food for Thought post before we take our leave for the Holiday. I will resume posting in January where we will jump right back in with information on Intention and Energetic Support. For now…

flying-carWe’re watching a young child play. The child, in their imagination, is slightly out of body not seeing the solid world as it is to the rest of us. Their eyes are focused on their toy as it appears to them–a speeding car. The car can fly! It moves effortlessly through the air. With this toy in their hand, the child is learning to connect body motion and mind focus, while in spirit energy.

We notice the child has a runny nose. Jumping up with tissue in hand, we grab the back of their head. Forcing the tissue to their face, holding them still as we accost their nose, the child crying and squirming. We release them and the child returns to flying their car through space.

If this one moment was the only experience and it never repeated it would have no meaning past what we observed. However, over time, not liking the repetition of the experience, the child will make changes to stop the interruption. They may wipe their nose on their clothes to keep someone else from wiping it for them. They are learning to control their environment by forming a conclusion and a plan of action. They are first selfish and then selfless, trying to meet their need of no interruption by meeting our need of a snot free face.

Is that the end? Are we a happy society when our children’s clothes are covered in snot? Probably not. This child’s win, their solution of meeting both their need and ours, becomes a lose as we put a stop to them using their method of control.

At first, this child was independent. They allowed their mucus to flow freely without impediment, leaving their body with whatever the body was rejecting. Thing is, now the child’s next solution to meet their need of no interruption and our need of a snot free face is probably them snorting their snot instead of letting it drip down their face. This behavior will back up their sinuses, cause nasal blockages and possible infections. This child’s natural defenses are being compromised because of societal beliefs regarding mucus.

What we tend to see, with the historic progression of the human condition, is we choose to interfere with the individual, controlling them and blocking their free will. As a group we have always had the best of intentions and our control of each other is meant to preserve our accepted and shared beliefs. When our belief systems are too focused we begin to meet them at the detriment of the individual. We are never intending to be sinister or wicked. In fact, the entire time we are acting from kindness.

If this child is properly conditioned and socialized, he may never question our control nor our beliefs. In small ways he will block his energetic system and begin creating disease. Over time this self destruction will lead to death in his attempt to meet the beliefs of others. Seems exaggerated and simplistic and yet this is exactly what happens every day.

There is always a win win if we can first understand our needs and then see how to meet the needs of others, remembering during the process to continually reference our balanced needs.

Practice: Part of our wellness practice is being able to recognize our needs and see how to meet them in conjunction with the needs of others. 2017 will be spent looking at ourselves so we can understand the concept of self and then others.


Wellness is a Practice


I get the question a lot, ‘What is it you actually do to be well?’ I wish the answer was something simple. Each wellness practice is as unique as each person practicing it.

Fortunately, the general rules are the same. With each post, we will continue to explore how to create our personal wellness practice by offering ideas, methods, and experiences. Remember, the foundation pieces are critical for each and every one of us. Without practice we will be unable to see how to make the changes that meet our individual need in each moment.

Enjoy the holiday and the excitement of what this new year can bring. Blessings to you and yours from me, Christine, and from each of us here at
The TOTAL Concept.


Intention to Heal

We have everything we need all the time. In fact, on an energetic level everything we have brain-keyholeis what we want. This can be confusing when we feel we are not happy with how things turn out, do not want what happens to us, or do not appreciate our impact on others. Properly using the energetics of Intention can bring us back into connection with our abilities, restoring what is naturally ours.


  • Are how we authorize our energy to change our reality.
  • Move through our intuition to gather information.
  • Organize our thoughts to reject or deflect anything that will take us from the focus of our mind.
  • Organize our physical beliefs to support our physical and emotional survival.
  • Gather knowledge used for active contemplation.
  • Raise our ability to impact our environment.

When we are unable to use intentions from a place of wellness, we:

  • Find it impossible to break habits that become self-defeating.
  • Need false comfort to handle stress.
  • Experience exaggerated fight or flight behavior.
  • Feel a break in our third chakra energy, leaving existence to chance and hope.
  • Feel hopeless, victimized, and alone without support.
  • Create a reality we do not want.
  • Wallow in sorrow.
  • Hold barriers and blocks to our natural state of grace and kindness.

While Prayer is the request for help, think of the Intention as the key to unlocking all that we are asking to receive. Our intention opens our method, creating the pathway for all information and support to travel. Although Intentions can pull support from multiple areas, we will be working with understanding Intentions from a place of self-creation–a place that is all about us.


How Intention Works

The mind, which is our etheric energy field of the brain, is responsible for combining body, intuition, and energy to function as one. The brain, which is the physical mass in our skull, is responsible for combining body, survival needs, and emotions, making sure they function as one. brain & blue bokeh abstract light background. Vector illustration / eps10When the energetic will of the mind is not aligned with our survival beliefs of the brain, the brain will take control. Physical survival based in the brain has priority over all other aspects of wellness. The brain, when in conflict, initiates fight or flight protocol, disconnects from the mind, and overrides the mind’s intuitive impulses in an attempt to save our lives. The intuitive impulses of the mind are needed to connect to all things external with balance and synchronicity. The mind/brain connection working as one is how we free flow our lives.

When all beliefs are equal mind and brain exist as one, allowing us to see all things cohesively and possible at once. When we attempt to support the beliefs and needs of others over or before our own, we organize our beliefs and behaviors in layers. This creates a prioritizing and stacking of beliefs to allow one belief to be more important than another. The focus and separation into layers of beliefs creates conflict and competition between our ability to meet our needs and the needs of others. This conflict keeps the brain in a low level of fight or flight, constantly reorganizing trying to eliminate conflict so it can return to connection with the mind.

Intention in conjunction with Prayer can redirect our efforts to help us see and understand what we want and how to get it. An intention helps the mind and brain work together to achieve flow giving us the correct sequence of behavior and energy support that allows us to meet our needs and the needs of others simultaneously. Our intentions naturally focus and align our efforts. This makes change and growth easier.

When we meet our needs and the needs of others simultaneously (the win-win) the mind and brain are functioning as one. When there is conflict, forming an intention can bring to the surface our false beliefs and habitual behaviors. An intention, when used as part of the energetic process, coordinates the mind with the brain to alleviate conflict between the two. Although our intention will not create our reality, it allows for the space to resolve the internal issues that are breaking up our energy.


Effective Intentions

The effectiveness of an intention is created with these energetic considerations:bulls-eye

  • Our ability to exist as our truth.
  • The effect our willingness to exist in our truth will have on others.
  • Consideration of when our habitual behavior keeps us outside of our truth.
  • The effect others being out of their truth will have on us.


When we are in our truth and able to remain stable around those out of their truth we are much more likely to get fast even results from our intention work. An effective intention will:

  • Give supportive information; allows us to find our ‘yes’ to what meets our needs.
  • Help us stimulate the mind/brain connection to reveal the puzzle pieces we are missing, allowing us to see the entire scene.
  • Bring to the surface false beliefs to be identified, along with the conflict they create.
  • Show us where FEAR-False Evidence Appearing Real-is blocking the reality we want.
  • Set the stage for healthy contemplation.
  • Align us with our ability to impact our external environment.
  • Develop our understanding necessary for internal balance.

puzzle-metalEffective intentions bring to our awareness what we consider unchangeable. They highlight the defining moments of our existence where awareness to our personal control makes change possible.

Intentions bring into subconscious consideration the relationship between our internal and external worlds. It uses the information gained from the broad terms of Prayer like a how to guide on living so we can understand our experience and how our free will choices impact our energy.


Forming an Intention

hey-faceTo form an intention is to seek our truth. It accesses the part of our mind that can see and predict based on far more variables than the cause and effect thinking we use in the brain. These predictions are based on the consistency of who we are contrasted with who we are not.

When forming an intention we are asking to see:

  • The entire picture of our habitual behavior and what drives it.
  • How we consciously control the stacking of our beliefs.
  • Where there is conflict between one or more belief.
  • What we filter out of our thoughts regarding conflicting information.
  • What fears cause us to accept the beliefs of others as more important and or more necessary than our own.
  • Clearly and without judgment what our control of our beliefs are doing to our energy and wellness.

An intention has the power and authority to move us. By including things we do not want in the process we are authorizing our energy to move in the direction of what we do not want. While forming our intention, it is critical that we keep our awareness on what it is puzzel-facewe want.

If we focus or refer to what we do not want it:

  • Becomes a piece of our puzzle, insidiously intertwined in everything being held and connected to the entire concept.
  • Becomes involved in each step of what we are creating. (This pulls us from balance.)
  • Will redirect where we are going and what the end destination looks like. (This is when we are creating from a place out of balance.)

Forming an intention starts with Prayer, as something we want, and is solidified during the Prayer method. Our intension answers, ‘How do I become what I want?’ When forming an intention we need to be connected to the heart. If we have started with Prayer the heart connection is already in place. At this phase of intention (forming) the information is intuitive. The intention while being held in the heart connection does not have anything to do with the accumulation of mental thoughts. If you find yourself thinking you will need to pull back from this process. If you have been practicing your foundation steps this will be easy to recognize and adjust.

You may need to use the contemplation methods prior to forming an intention if you find you cannot proceed without conscious thought. Contemplation organizes our thoughts in a way that makes finding what we need possible from a subconscious level. When it is done without conscious thought it can feel like it comes from a higher place of guidance, from a place inside our body instead of our head. We can now feel that we are supported and with a clarity and ease that our thoughts cannot achieve.

Remember, we always have what we need, what we ask for, and if what we are getting does not look like what we want then something is tangled in our intention that isn’t part of our personal truth. People who use unwanted things in their intentions tend to be dissatisfied, feel uncomfortable pressure, and stop before they reach the goal of their intention. If you find this happening simply restart the process with a stronger effort to focus on what it is that you want.


Forming the Question for Intention

Our full intention has:

  • A way to refer to our wish, want, or desire that makes these more concrete for us so we can see them as possible and open to support when we feel they are impossible.
  • Our purpose or attitude toward the effect of our actions or conduct.
  • The formulation of a question that addresses the intention.

ask-questionsOur wish, want, or desire that we mean to carry out needs to be internal/personal. Some examples are:

  • I want to feel better about my body.
  • I want to know how to handle getting ready in the morning without stress.

The same intentions written as external/others will be less effective. Some examples are:

  • I want to feel better about how others see my body or I wish I had more energy to get things done (while thinking about doing things for others).
  • I want people to stop stressing me out when I am getting ready in the morning.

Our purpose or attitude toward the effect of our actions or conduct can be included in the basic intention statement.

  • I want to love and respect my body with physical activity or I want to feel my level of physical energy support me during my day.
  • I want to know how to handle getting ready in the morning without stress so my day will start off on the right foot and I can enjoy my time.

A question is energetically balanced to create motion in the body, mind, spirit connection. At our beginning stage we will want to form the question:

  • Open, with little specifics–try to create an open-ended question that allows for us to receive what we cannot guess is out there for us to know or have. Supporting what we can already imagine does not open us for change.
  • With great expectation of reveal–an open feeling of excitement that we will draw to us something we need, the support or a win-win solution to our question. This is easily seen in children who have no expectation of what something will look like.
  • Without anticipation of what that reveal will be–no conscious thoughts or conclusions as to what the exciting open feeling will draw to us.
  • With a willingness to understand the reveal–to keep an open mind and see what the excitement has drawn to us instead of jumping to conclusions of what it means.

Applying these question guidelines to our intention statements might might look like these:

  • What forms of physical activity will best work to show my body love and respect?
  • What thought, attitude, or belief is in the way of my enjoying my morning stress free while I am getting ready?

We will talk more about what will be revealed and how to handle that information later. Right now our focus is on creating the pathway to ask and the space to openly receive.


Forming the Need of an Intention

When forming an intention we address a personal need. Consider how to form an intention with this desire:

  • bugging-coupleI want my partner to stop bugging me.

Our beginning thought process may look something like this:

My partner bugs me. How do I get my partner to stop bugging me? Why does what they do bug me? What is it about them that is bugging me? Gosh, if they would just stop I would feel okay.

This type of questioning puts the effort and attention external and non-personal–we are looking outside of us at how they behave. Because we cannot change others (things external and non-personal) we must focus internally to see how to change what is within our control (things personal) to meet and understand our needs.

If my partner is bugging me I might try one of these internal and personal questions as my intention:

  • What do I need to know and understand about my partner so I am not bugged by them?
  • What in my thoughts is making me perceive their behavior as as issue for me?
  • Where did I make the decision in my past to see this behavior as against me and not for me?
  • How can I be more open to seeing my partner as I know they really are?
  • What circular thoughts keep me stuck, making me feel bugged?
  • What personal need am I not meeting? How does my not meeting this need keep me seeing my partner’s actions as an issue?

When we form our intention with this type of need,  internal and personal, we draw to us information in the form of our healthy support and control making it possible to move forward. Creating change this way supports our needs and our wellness direction.


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Love is the only vibration.

Everything else exists as less than or an alteration of our vibration of love.

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Forming Space for the Intention

Our blocks inside our physical form take up space. Because of this, we must first use the support of space-bodyPrayer to temporarily displace our personal blocks outside of our bodies (reference Prayer posts). Our blocks are already keeping energy and information from flowing in the body. If we leave them where they are, they block the effectiveness of our intention.

Remember, our purpose is to reconcile our wish, want, or desire with our need. Our perceived need is formed as internal-personal to energetically draw the support we need for change. This motion of energy, drawing support to us, is the active part of our intention.

To create the motion we use the formula already provided energetically by a question. Basically, a question when asked opens and positions us to receive; it opens the flow of energy inward. Prayer preparations provide space for expected information to be received so we can later work with it.

Socially, when we ask a question our brain immediately starts guessing the possible answers before a person responds, making it impossible for us to hear every detail of the answer. Once the brain has an answer it stops listening, even if it isn’t the best one for us, closing the space our question opened to begin work on embodying the information.

Resist answering for 12-48 hours. Ask the question and leave it floating out into the universe-the question will draw to us the information. If it is difficult not to answer ourselves, try following the intention with the phrase, “I can not possibly know the answer to my own question.” This is a command to the brain to wait for the answer. We can repeat it as a mantra during the process if needed. If this is still difficult review the wellness practice pieces. These teach us the skills necessary to move forward with this work.

If while we are forming our question we get an instant response, we have likely consciously or subconsciously answered our own question. We have done this based on habits and beliefs as we currently hold ourselves. Remember, if this was already working for us we would not need the process of intention to get information. Take a stance of listening and waiting. Resist the behavior of answering the question quickly. Even if the information received later is the same as your instant response, being patient and listening to the universal information will draw in additional insight necessary to meet the energetic exchange for creation that we currently are not connected with.