Basic Kundalini Mudra

Mudra Set for Balancing Energy

Alternately touch the tips of each finger with the tip of your thumb. Keep each connected for a few seconds or longer and do for a few minutes total. Do this with both hands simultaneously. This is a simple way of balancing your energy that you can do almost anywhere, while sitting, standing, walking, lying down. The overall effect is that you get calmer, more relaxed and concentrated. (This set is a simplified version of a Kundalini yoga exercise.)

The separate mudras (hand positions) have the following effects:


Thumb touches tip of index finger
Opens the Root chakra, and moves more energy to the legs and lower body. Makes one calmer and more concentrated.

mudra-2Thumb touches tip of middle finger
Fosters patience.

mudra-3Thumb touches tip of ring finger
Energy, stability and self-confidence.

mudra-4Thumb touches tip of pinky finger
Intuition and feeling.


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