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Lesson 1

“Nothing I see has any meaning.”

Relax in the space you are in.  Take a few deep breaths and pull into the physical body as you compose yourself to examine this thought.  “Nothing I see has any meaning.”  Once you are relaxed look around you.  As your gaze crosses an object say, “You have no meaning. There is no meaning to this object.”  Pause briefly before moving to the next object.

Pay close attention to how you feel your body react to this statement, “You have no meaning.  There is no meaning to this object.”  What do you realize as you tell yourself that the object has no meaning?  Do you feel it differently in your body for different objects?  Try a few objects before continuing to read the lesson.

The purpose of this exercise is to show you how your conscious mind fills in details.  You say the object has no meaning.  You can feel your body and mind supply a meaning or you can feel it support that the object is meaningless to you. Accepting all objects have no meaning keeps them equal to one another, no item being more or less important than another as it has no meaning.

As you practice applying this idea today, do it randomly, skipping here and there.  Do not include every single item in your space. This is not a belief we are trying to lock into conscious mind, this is a felt sense we want the mind and body to be aware of.   Be sure that nothing is purposely omitted or excluded. One object is like another as far as the application of this belief is concerned.

Repeat this exercise 2-3 times today.