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Lesson 14

“Creating a meaningful world is possible.”

Because I am responsible for my world, and my world alone, I can choose in every moment to fully experience my world.

Pick an item, any item.  Recognize, “I have learned everything this item means.  I choose to keep this meaning or I can choose to let this meaning go.” Reflect on the item and all you can call to mind in any direction about this item.

Now, “I am capable of creating and communicating the meaning of this item to myself and to others with full understanding.” See how you choose to keep part or all of a meaning and what emotion or belief you control with it.  Release this with, “This item currently means nothing to me, my past gives this item all the meaning it has.” See how you are capable of projecting your past into this moment to experience it again with this item.

Lastly, “I can choose in every moment to release or continue this attachment, judgment, conclusion, or connection to my past.  It is of my free will.”  Practice this anytime you need a reminder that you create a meaningful world.