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Lesson 8

“My past is preoccupying my thoughts.”

All thoughts, ideas, conclusion, judgments, attachments, and fears are based in the past.  No one in this moment has any of these experiences; these all occur because “my past in preoccupying my thoughts”.  Without your thoughts of the past you have no active response in this moment, you have no suffering, you have no anticipation. The mind cannot grasp the present, it can only observe. Without a compilation of “snap shots” to compare and contrast the mind can not create a response, a behavior, a reaction for a given set of circumstances.

Freeing the mind from the weight of this obligation allows the life force to move without constant interference.  For this reason today you will close your eyes and with as little effort as possible search your mind for the usual minute or so, merely noting the thoughts you find there.  Name each one by the noun or theme it contains, and continue on to the next.

  • Start by saying, “I seem to be thinking about ____.”  Then name each of your thoughts specifically, for example:  I seem to be thinking about (name of person), about (name of object), about (name of emotion), and so on,” concluding at the end of the mind-searching period with: And my mind is preoccupied with past thoughts. Only I create this reality.”
  • A second approach would be to start with, “I am letting my mind  ____.”  example, “I am letting my mind believe that I am upset about the dog.” or “I am letting my mind predict that I can not get to work on time.
  • A third approach would be, “I am giving my mind permission to distract me with ___.” example, “I am giving my mind permission to distract me with fears about failing.” or “I am giving my mind permission to misunderstand my partners needs.”

The one true thought about the past we can hold is that it is not here. To think about it at all is therefore to think with creation, moving out of this moment in time to a moment that does not exist in the now. Our minds have not been trained to realize what is actually entailed in picturing the past or in anticipating the future without our interference of creation. The mind is actually blank when it does this; anything else is creation based on historic information.  History does not exist in this moment, therefore “my past is preoccupying my thoughts.” and “my prediction is merely a distraction used for creation in this moment.”

The purpose of the exercises for today is to begin to train your mind to recognize when it is not really thinking at all. While thoughtless “ideas” preoccupy your mind, the truth is blocked. Recognizing that your mind is blank, rather than believing that it is filled with in the moment ideas, is the first step to opening the way to vision, reconnecting the intuitive with the conscious.

Repeat one of the 3 approaches 4-5 times during the day, unless you find it irritates you. If so reduce to 3-4 times. You might find it helpful to include your irritation, or any emotion which the idea may induce, in the mind searching itself.