Hey Christine, I just wanted to say thanks for holding the class. It’s going to be a great 8 weeks! After I got home I tried the reading on my wife and her six chakra really started to spin for me. I’m not sure if I cleared my mind for it but it was a strong reading. Thank you! – D.

Wow, wow, wow!!!!! It was an experience I will never forget. What a great group of ladies and men. I learned so much about myself and the energies that flow within me. I will be learning more!!!! Rebecca

I thoug
ht it was an eye opening experience. I am usually skeptical but I was pleasantly surprised! Terry

Very informative. I had worked with a Chakra Healer years ago back east with excellent results that helped me on the path to 
wellness. My “flight to health” included cleansing & detoxifying, as well as acupuncture, yoga, meditation techniques, as well as chiropractic, & rolfing. This was more of a hands on teaching workshop. INTERESTING. C.

Amazing! Christine was very informative and a loving, giving person. She took the time to explain different things, and gave each of us a short “session”. Absolutely Amazing! Sandy

Christine’s generosity, warmth and incredible knowledge shine through. She’s truly a healer and a wonderfully kind person who baked brownies for us and put out a lovely spread of snacks. Additionally, we were treated to a didgeridoo player! I want to learn more and delve deeper. Fabulous introduction to chakras with personalized readings for all of us. Truly outstanding! We are so thankful Christine, thank you 🙂 PA.


Christine’s talents are of other worlds that can not always be evident to the eye or even words that describe them well. I can say that she has such a strong sense of her own self and energy that enables her to be open to the energies of others. If you are struggling and lacking clarity, she has the ability to suggest chakras/areas of your life, to think about and focus on that may assist you in finding your own answers. She does not seek to give you the answer but rather to guide you to an openness in yourself, that can help you to find them. If you have the opportunity to get a chakra reading/balancing from Christine, it is something that you will never forget and it will have an impact on you if you are ready for it. She helped me to see my daughter from a whole different perspective and that has made a world of difference in my relationship with her.

Thank you Christine! peace and love!



Often I get headaches around my time of the month that are debilitating. I have worked it out with Christine that I receive a distance healing each time it happens so that I can stay at work. All I do is text her and it’s done. She isn’t letting me off that easily though, we are working together to see why this occurs and should have the answer soon so I can be head ache free on my own.



I had a pain in my lower back which had been bothering me for a couple of days. I had an appointment with Christine while I was with her she ask if I had anything going on with me. I let her know about the pain in my lower back. She then proceeded to lay her hands on that part of my back. I could feel the warmth from her hands penetrate into that area. Within a day of her laying her hands on my back the pain was completely gone and has not returned.



I just spent the afternoon with Rhonda. She is absolutely thrilled today. She was in very high spirits, she laid in the pool and said she was totally rejuvenated after yesterday and today. She said it had been months and months since she felt this good. When she raised her arms she said she couldn’t remember the last time she hadn’t felt terrific pain while cutting someone’s hair. She asked if you could work such wonders long distance or should she wait until she comes back on the 22nd. Thank you so much for what you did for Rhonda and seeing us on off-time.



I am making this testimony in order to honor and give thanks to God. On November 7, 2010, I had a car accident in which my right eyeball came out of it’s socket. The doctors told me that the probability of removing my eyeball was very high due to the damage, that sight would be impossible any way with a dead eye.

Through one prophecy, God told me that he was going to send me a group of people that were going to help me with the process of healing. After a few days, I met Christine Contini who was at a friend’s house for yoga. She took a look at my eye, did a little work, and 15 minutes later I could see light with my eye for the first time since the accident. She began treating me weekly.

Over time I saw improvement in my eye, little by little, I began to recover my sight through my right eye. I visited the eye doctor who told me that he could not explain the change in my eye, that there was blood flow and the recognition of light in my eye that was absent before, that the pressure was now stable. I smiled. He now believes that with a simple surgery I will have the ability to totally recover my sight.

During the treatment Christine also helped me with my emotions. With a lot of love, she helped me to understand, comprehend, and forget bad things of my past, painful memories that didn’t allow me to have a happy emotional life. She taught me ways to release these feelings and be free.

I want to give thanks to Christine Contini for helping me during this difficult time. I pray God will always keep guiding you Christine, so you can keep helping many other people in their lives.

Elizabeth Giraldo


I would like to thank you for your help in healing my body! I went to see my Lung specialist yesterday and he could not get over how well I looked and how youthful I appeared. This last January of 2011 I was in the hospital with Double Pneumonia for almost three weeks! When I was released I could hardly walk and had a real problem breathing. I was on oxygen 24/7 and just didn’t feel well.
I had not seen the Doctor for four months so when he walked in the room to check my lungs and breathing my oxygen was up to 95% and I walked in without oxygen I looked 10 years younger and he could not get over the improvement to my well being! He asked if I was adding something new to my schedule to improve my health and I told him I was seeing you for additional treatments of healing and he said just keep it up. He feels that Medical Doctors can only do so much and it takes other forms of treatment so that the healing of the body is covered by all modalities. What did they say it takes a village to raise a child?
Your special talent I have never seen before, you are a true healer! I have been to many so called healers over the years but your technique is different then theirs because your gift really does work! For anyone who has a physical problem I would recommend you if they want to get well. You are an ANGEL and I think the world of you! Thank you and may you be blessed as you bless others in their healing!

Arlene Bates


Christine Contini has worked with me and with some of my cancer patients. After seeing one of my cancer patients that had been struggling with severe pain due to cancer (taking a large amount of morphine every day to control the pain), Mrs. Contini worked on him two consecutive days. His pain subsided to the point that he did not need any morphine the rest of the time I treated him. The patient was pain free. I am happy of the treatment sessions Mrs. Contini has given to my patients. I thank her for all she has done for us.

Dr. John Jimenez


This testimonial goes out to Christine who recently saw my mother. She is a miracle worker and literally sucked the worry and sadness out of my mother. I know it sounds strange but I saw this first hand. My mother was also able to speak with her father who passed a few years ago. He told her very important things that can save and change her life and we would have never known of a couple of her illnesses if it weren’t for the help of the Medium Christine. I cant say enough good about this women. At the end of the session I asked her if she could also communicate with animals. Sure enough she was able to explain to my cat why he is so ill and why I have to take him to the vet so much and why he gets shots twice a day. He literally communicated things he felt and of coarse let her know he wants more toys to play with. lol . He has completely changed for the better and is so affectionate towards me because now he understands why I do the things I do . I can not wait to see her for my own appointment and I am looking forward to this journey to heal myself and my family.   Its amazing!!!!!!!