DEMYSTIFYING CHAKRAS Hey Christine, I just wanted to say thanks for holding the class. It's going to be a great 8 weeks! After I got home I tried the reading on my wife and her six chakra really started to spin for me. I'm not sure if I cleared my mind for it but it…Read more CHAKRA CLASS



Christine's talents are of other worlds that can not always be evident to the eye or even words that describe them well. I can say that she has such a strong sense of her own self and energy that enables her to be open to the energies of others. If you are struggling and lacking…Read more SELF IMPROVEMENT


Often I get headaches around my time of the month that are debilitating. I have worked it out with Christine that I receive a distance healing each time it happens so that I can stay at work. All I do is text her and it's done. She isn't letting me off that easily though, we…Read more HEADACHES


I had a pain in my lower back which had been bothering me for a couple of days. I had an appointment with Christine while I was with her she ask if I had anything going on with me. I let her know about the pain in my lower back. She then proceeded to lay…Read more PAIN RELIEF


I am making this testimony in order to honor and give thanks to God. On November 7, 2010, I had a car accident in which my right eyeball came out of it’s socket. The doctors told me that the probability of removing my eyeball was very high due to the damage, that sight would be…Read more LOSS OF SIGHT


This testimonial goes out to Christine who recently saw my mother. She is a miracle worker and literally sucked the worry and sadness out of my mother. I know it sounds strange but I saw this first hand. My mother was also able to speak with her father who passed a few years ago. He…Read more EVEN MY CAT