This testimonial goes out to Christine who recently saw my mother. She is a miracle worker and literally sucked the worry and sadness out of my mother. I know it sounds strange but I saw this first hand. My mother was also able to speak with her father who passed a few years ago. He told her very important things that can save and change her life and we would have never known of a couple of her illnesses if it weren’t for the help of the Medium Christine. I cant say enough good about this women. At the end of the session I asked her if she could also communicate with animals. Sure enough she was able to explain to my cat why he is so ill and why I have to take him to the vet so much and why he gets shots twice a day. He literally communicated things he felt and of coarse let her know he wants more toys to play with. lol . He has completely changed for the better and is so affectionate towards me because now he understands why I do the things I do . I can not wait to see her for my own appointment and I am looking forward to this journey to heal myself and my family.   Its amazing!!!!!!!