I am making this testimony in order to honor and give thanks to God. On November 7, 2010, I had a car accident in which my right eyeball came out of it’s socket. The doctors told me that the probability of removing my eyeball was very high due to the damage, that sight would be impossible any way with a dead eye.

Through one prophecy, God told me that he was going to send me a group of people that were going to help me with the process of healing. After a few days, I met Christine Contini who was at a friend’s house for yoga. She took a look at my eye, did a little work, and 15 minutes later I could see light with my eye for the first time since the accident. She began treating me weekly.

Over time I saw improvement in my eye, little by little, I began to recover my sight through my right eye. I visited the eye doctor who told me that he could not explain the change in my eye, that there was blood flow and the recognition of light in my eye that was absent before, that the pressure was now stable. I smiled. He now believes that with a simple surgery I will have the ability to totally recover my sight.

During the treatment Christine also helped me with my emotions. With a lot of love, she helped me to understand, comprehend, and forget bad things of my past, painful memories that didn’t allow me to have a happy emotional life. She taught me ways to release these feelings and be free.

I want to give thanks to Christine Contini for helping me during this difficult time. I pray God will always keep guiding you Christine, so you can keep helping many other people in their lives.

Elizabeth Giraldo