Surgery Repair

Christine, you have been a Godsend for my back pain. After having had two separate back fusions to correct my spine, I have searched for 6 years for something that would give me the relief from pain I was constantly in. Over the years that I have searched I have tried pills/medication, physical therapy, Ultra-sound, diet & nutrition, acupuncture, electrical muscle stimulation, epidural injections, and massage.  I never did find a solution to my problem until my mother told me I needed to see you and explained that it would be like a massage only different. Reluctant to go, I went and to this day thank my lucky stars of the relief you have been able to bring to my back. I noticed after our first session that my pain was significantly reduced. I still don’t understand how you have been able to do what a myriad of doctors and techniques could not do but I am deeply grateful you have a GIFT that I cannot explain.