Wellness Practice Pieces

Use these and all your wellness tools as needed to have a successful Wellness Practice.
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Space to Heal

Plan to make space three times a day for your wellness practice. Use the intention ‘I have space to heal’ as you are creating the beginnings of your wellness practice.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Video support- this breath makes it easier for us to connect to our wellness practice.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Video support- this relaxation makes it easier for us to find blocks and move vital energy.

Reducing Monkey Mind

Video support-less chatter makes it easier to receive intuitive and divine information.

Beginning Contemplation

Take time to move through our thoughts and experiences towards wellness releasing the trap of fear or beliefs.

Be Aware

The belief that healing is possible helps us get out of our own way. Use the awareness tag to see ways to clear our obstacles and release our issues.


Each week the pieces we discuss regarding wellness will be added to this list for quick reference.